I’m Jill, and I love reading! My main reading squeeze is books, but I admire all written words.  Besides reading, I like to get my grandma on with crocheting and in 2016 hell froze over because I became a runner (in addition to all political and sports anomalies).

Odds are my socks don’t match right now and if I’m not doing one of the above I’m probably at work or hanging out enjoying a beverage with my hubby.

I created this blog to share and revel in my love of written works. I love learning. I love seeing connections and creativity via type set.  The title of this blog, “Forged in Ink” I feel is probably the most accurate description of what can be found here.

This blog pertains to anything written in ink whether it be printer ink or pen ink.  It can be the words on the back of the shampoo bottle (some are actually quite humorous-take a look the next time you hop in for a scrub) or it can be the latest Dan Brown novel or a currently trending Twitter post.

I have learned things and accumulated knowledge and ideas from all sort of odd places, and this blog is kind of an appreciation site to all those creative and informational things that people set down in ink either physically or digitally.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to forge a bit of your own ink by leaving a comment or dropping me a note.