The Spree

For many years, I longed for more vacation time. I would horde it as if it were the greatest treasure in the world.  I then proceeded to work for my company long enough to get a vacation bump.  By this time, however, I had gotten married but unfortunately, my husband doesn’t have nearly as many vacation days as I do.  Thus, I suddenly found myself with a boatload of days and no real need for them.

The Editor, Kelsey, was in a similar boat.  In fact, her boat was even larger than mine.  We both knew that we could randomly take days off, but for what purpose? To sit and stare at the T.V.?  To get behind on work, but not really accomplish anything?

When I take days off, I want to have a plan in mind, and we were both fortunate to get a spa gift card from our boss.  So, on the Editor’s birthday we decided we would do our spa thing, meet up with another friend for lunch, and head to Barnes and Noble.

We both took the day off, but our appointments weren’t until 11am. So I got up, made some breakfast, meditated, went for a run, painted, and then ran out of the house at about 10:20 to catch the bus.

I made it downtown in record time and was soon whisked away to get both my feet and hands pampered and beautified.  Once I got done, I met up with the Editor post-massage session and we headed off to lunch.

We met up with a friend, Sarah, to eat tacos and drink margaritas.  We then walked the 15 steps necessary to arrive at Barnes and Noble.  It really is my mecca.  We were barely two-feet inside the door, and we each had several books in our baskets.

We decided to take the approach that if a book struck our fancy we should throw it in the basket and then do a weeding out session at the end of all this bookish gloriousness.  It was fantastic.  We had piles of books, and that’s with scouring every section of the store besides the fiction section.  Before we even made it there, our baskets were overflowing, and our arms were aching.

We then decided to spread out all our wonderful treasures and make some tough decisions.  I got my final pile down to five books.  Kelsey could only bear to part with two which left her to purchase approximately ten books.  I believe Sarah talked herself down to five as well.

It was a smashing success. We then decided we needed to further celebrate the Editor’s birthday and our bookish wonders with more tequila.  So off we went to the local tequila bar which was conveniently just around the corner.

We had a blast, and when I got home I thought to myself:  I need to do this more often.  We had a loose plan, but no strict timeline.  It was a perfect way to relax, have fun, and obtain more beautiful books!


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