To Read or Not to Read: The Light of Paris

It’s book review time! I have broken them up into four extraordinarily brief sections.  The first called “Vitals.”  It lists the most basic information about the book.  The second called “The Gist” is a two to three sentence summary of what the book is about.  The third entitled “What Stuck” is a sentence or two about what stuck out to me when reading.  And finally the fourth is “Should you Give a Flip?” This is my summation if I would recommend the book and if so, to whom. So here we go!


Title: The Light of Paris; Author: Eleanor Brown; Genre: Fiction

The Gist– A hopeful read that is relatable and inspiring.  It is about two womens’ journeys in order to find happiness by going against high societies expectations.

What Stuck The descriptions were uniquely vivid.

Should you give a flip?- Yes.  Particularly for women who are a little different and feel that they go against the grain of expectations.


12 thoughts on “To Read or Not to Read: The Light of Paris

  1. Love, love, love the set up of your reviews – concise & to the point without wading through all the excess verbiage!


  2. I really like the quick format of your reviews. I agree that in this case a little bit more information in the “What Stuck” section would be helpful. Is “What Stuck” meant to be what left a lasting impression on you overall whether it is positive or negative?
    – Christie


  3. Hi this is a nice post! I write book reviews and well and mine are the super Long types so it’s refreshing to read something so concise and to the point! I do think that you can mention a few more things in what stuck as it should give us more of an idea on what you liked. But other than that, a really cool idea! I would appreciate it if you could check out my blog too!


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